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Annual Conference of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED)
Financing Sustainable Development
in Arab Countries

8-9 November 2018
Le Bristol Hotel Beirut - Lebanon

  What have Arab governments done to establish a sustainable development financing system?

How can public and private resources serve sustainable development needs better ?

  How to identify gaps, challenges, opportunities, needs, sources and channels of financing sustainable development?
  Will Arab countries be able to meet the 2030 agenda?
  What are the options of financing sustainable development after wars and conflicts?

Financing Sustainable Development in Arab Countries is the topic of the 2018 annual report of Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED). It will identify financing needs, gaps, options and mechanisms, while focusing on sources and addressing enhancement of their roles. Rather than covering problems and needs of different sectors, which was done in previous AFED reports, the 2018 report will cover financing requirements for the transition into sustainable growth and implementing the SDGs, in the context of the 2030 Agenda. AFED reports have gained global reputation as the most reliable and independent source on environment issues and served as policy drivers across the Arab region. The report will be launched at AFED 11th Annual Conference, which will host many regional and international organizations active in the field of sustainable development, environmental policies and the banking and financial sectors. Speakers include leading Arab and international experts and decision-makers.


Report Content

AFED report will include the sections and topics below:

SECTION 1: Overview on the SDGs as a new approach to sustainable development. Assessment of needs, sources and channels of financing sustainable development, identification of gaps, challenges and opportunities, recommendations for timely implementation and smooth transition.

Those will be tackled from the following perspectives:

a. Sources and channels b. Instruments c. Main users

SECTION 2: Policies and enabling conditions required to encourage and attract public and private sector investment in sustainable development projects. (Including Political stability and fighting corruption).

SECTION 3: Role of Arab, regional and national development banks and funds in serving the development needs of Arab countries.

SECTION 4: Case Studies/Opinion

World Bank, GEF, Islamic Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), African Development Bank, OFID, Arab Fund, Saudi Fund, Kuwait Fund, Abu Dhabi Fund, Multilateral fund of Montreal Protocol, GIZ, Experiences from the private sector, etc.


Private Banks financing SD (eg. Jordan, Lebanon, UAE), Central Banks, Financing Reconstruction and SD in Post-Conflict Countries, Innovative Financing of SD.

EE funds, National Environmental funds (the case of the Egyptian Environmental protection Fund).


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  Corporate and industry leaders
  Government organizations with responsi bility for the environment, development, resource management, planning, economy and finance
  Environment experts
  Financial institutions
  Academic and research institutions
  NGOs dealing with environment and development
  Collect and disseminate first hand sectoral and cross-sectoral data on financing sustainable development in Arab countries
  Identify barriers to sustainable development finance in Arab countries
  Recommend actions and policy measures required to bridge the current gaps in the current government policies
  Raise public awareness and trigger informed policy debate about the importance of environment accounts as a strategic step towards shifting to green economy
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