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Annual Conference of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED)
Environmental Education
in Arab Countries

14 -15 November 2019
Le Bristol Hotel Beirut - Lebanon


• What is the role of environmental education in sustainable development

• How does environmental education contribute to better decision-making?

• How does environmental education support the implementation of the 2030 Plan?

•What is the current state of formal environmental education in the Arab world?

• Do Arab countries need an urgent reform process to integrate environmental education into their curricula?

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION IN ARAB COUNTRIES is the topic of the 2019 annual report of Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED). The report will identify the status of environmental education in the Arab world and how to activate it in the framework of sustainable development.

THE REPORT will include the first comprehensive survey of environmental content and sustainability in curricula and programs at the level of schools and universities throughout the Arab countries.

AFED REPORTS have gained global reputation as the most reliable and independent source on environment issues and served as policy drivers across the Arab region.

AFED 12th ANNUAL CONFERENCE will host the launching of the report, and will gather many regional and international organizations active in the field of education and sustainability. Speakers include leading Arab and international experts and decision-makers.

Report Content

AFED 2019 report will include:

1- Introduction - summary and main findings

2- Recent Trends in Environmental Education: Concepts and Experiences

3- Education for Sustainable Development

How can education help to preserve the environment and achieve SDGs

4 - Global Environmental Challenges – with focus on the Arab region.

5 - Environmental Education in Arab Schools: The current situation of environmental education in Arab schools, with emphasis on success stories.

6 - Environmental Education in Arab Universities:

Programs at the university level in the Arab region, and highlights of the success stories.

7- Roadmap and guidelines for integrating and enhancing environment and sustainability at all levels of education in Arab countries.

ANNEX: Syllabus of an introductory course on environment and sustainability for Arab universities.


SPECIAL PRODUCT: 2019 edition of AFED Environmental Education Resource Manual for Arab Schools.




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University and School leaders

  Government organizations with responsibility for the environment, development, education, sustainability, resource management, planning
  Environment experts
  Policy and decision makers
  Academic and research institutions
  NGOs dealing with environment, education and development
  Collect and disseminate first hand sectoral and cross-sectoral data on financing sustainable development in Arab countries
  Identify barriers to sustainable development finance in Arab countries
  Recommend actions and policy measures required to bridge the current gaps in the current government policies
  Raise public awareness and trigger informed policy debate about the importance of environment accounts as a strategic step towards shifting to green economy
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