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Green Economy

Beirut, 11/01/2011

Green Economy: Sustainable Transition in a Changing Arab World is the fourth of a series of annual reports produced by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED), following Arab Environment: Future Challenges in 2008, Impact of Climate Change on Arab Countries in 2009, and Water: Sustainable Management of a Scarce Resource in 2010. AFED reports are now considered the main reliable source on Arab environment, and they have positively influenced policies at both the national and regional levels.

 The 2011 report targets eight economic sectors where "Green" transitions are anticipated: ENERGY, WATER, AGRICULTURE, INDUSTRY, CITIES & BUILDINGS, TRANSPORT, TOURISM, and WASTE MANAGEMENT. Case studies, with stories of successes and failures, are highlighted to disseminate learning.

 The report contributes to the ongoing dialogue on the future of green economy and catalyzes institutional reforms leading to determined action for sustainable economic policies in Arab countries.