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Sustainable Development in a Changing Arab Climate

Beirut, 11/01/2016

This AFED report on "Sustainable Development in a Changing Arab Climate" recommends an alternative approach, based on integrating sustainable development principles within the anticipated rebuilding efforts. It calls upon local, regional, and international aid organizations not to limit their efforts to providing safety and basic necessities to those affected, but rather to use the relief plans as a launch pad for promoting new approaches to development, rooted in a transition to green economy.

This report, on prospects and challenges on the path towards achieving the SDGs, builds on the previous eight reports on the state of Arab environment, produced by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) since 2008. AFED annual reports have so far addressed major development issues in the Arab region, including Water, Food Security, Energy, Green Economy, Ecological Footprint, Sustainable Consumption, and Climate Change. The report highlights the policy options available for the Arab countries to realize the Sustainable Development Goals by the 2030 target set by the United Nations, in light of the new political, economic, and social developments.

AFED annual reports have become main source of information and prime driver for policy reforms in Arab countries. The Energy-Water-Food Nexus proved specifically significant, especially with the growing impact of climate change. AFED reports have repeatedly emphasized the importance of promoting better efficiency and fair access to energy, water and food, and reducing waste, as there are tough limits to what Arab ecosystems can support.