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Environmental Education Handbook

Beirut, 11/11/2019

AFED has developed a comprehensive environmental education program, supported by a wide-ranging handbook. It provides all material needed to initiate environment activities at schools and incorporate environment in the curricula. Each of the 12 topics is supported by graphics, posters, documentaries, songs and plays, all available online. AFED program includes developing curricula at the national levels and teacher training workshops.
AFED Environmental Education Handbook
ENVIRONMENT IN SCHOOLS is an environmental education handbook prepared by AFED. It provides updated information on major environmental topics, and targets 12-18 age group, through training teachers.
To provide essential information on environmental issues for school education, both curricular and extra-curricular, which teachers can use in the class, for demonstration exercises, to establish environment clubs and implement environmental activities in the school and at the community level. Ministries of education can also use the Handbook to introduce relevant material in the curricula.

1-      Introduction: Concepts of environmental education, and design of environmental programs and activities.
2-      Thematic Chapters: Air Pollution, Climate Change, Energy, Fresh Water, Seas, Biodiversity, Desertification, Agriculture, Waste Management, Noise Pollution, Sustainable Development.
Chapter Design: Each chapter is designed to provide comprehensive overview on the subject. It is divided into the following parts: Overview, Facts and Figures, Personal Action, Experiments to illustrate the concepts, Graphics. The graphics are designed to be used as informative displays in environmental events.
3-      Selected Environmental texts: 30 selected typical texts in Arabic on various subjects, which can be used as reading material.
4-      Exam Questions: samples of exam questions from various Arab countries with environmental themes.

5-      Audio-Visuals: videos with 12 environmental plays prepared by students, videos on general environment themes, Climate Change and Water (ready). 9 additional videos on other themes will be prepared after launching.
6-      Online: Electronic version, updated and freely available.
7-      Graphics Display: informative posters on various themes are provided under the title GREEN BULLETIN, which can be downloaded from the Handbook’s site.
The Handbook has been prepared by Arab experts, edited by the editorial team of Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia (Environment & Development) magazine, and illustrated by the Dutch graphic artist Lucien de Groot.
The contents are based on the comprehensive environment education program and manual developed by Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia (Environment & Development) magazine in 1998, and applied for training thousands of teachers since then. The Program has been adapted at different levels in many countries, including Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Djibouti. While the new handbook and program make use of the experience and lessons learnt from the previous Manual, last published in 2001, it has been updated to include the latest data in all fields covered, and also makes use of the advances in internet and communication technology.