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Annual Conference of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED)
Arab Environment
in 10 Years

2 -3 November 2017
Le Bristol Hotel Beirut - Lebanon

  What have Arab governments done over the last decade to enhance environment policies?
  What are the changes which took place regarding water, energy, air pollution, food security, green economy, environmental research and education?
  How to fit environment in sustainable development goals after wars and conflicts?
  How does the Arab public evaluate the state of the environment and the performance of governments?

ARAB ENVIRONMENT IN 10 YEARS is the topic of the 2017 annual report of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED), the tenth in the series on the State of Arab Environment, which kicked off in 2008.

AFED 2017 report will concentrate on changes in Policies and Governance, including level of response and engagement in international treaties. Moreover, the 2017 report will select priority areas for analysis and appraisal compared with the situation in 2008, including Water, Energy, Air, Climate Change, Food Security, Waste Management, Green Economy, Green Finance, Environmental Research and Education.

AFED reports have gained global reputation as the most reliable and independent source on environment issues and served as policy drivers across the Arab region. The report will be launched at AFED 10th Annual Conference, which will take place on 2-3 November 2017 at the Convention Center of Gefinor Rotana Hotel in Beirut. Speakers include leading Arab and international experts and decision-makers.

The conference will host many regional and international organizations active in the field of sustainable development, consumption and production, water, food, energy and environmental policies.


A wide-ranging public opinion survey is being carried out to track Arab public perception of main environment challenges. Results will be compared with those of a similar survey organized when AFED was established in 2006. The survey is carried out online, in cooperation with AFED media members across the region. Results will be analyzed and published as part of AFED 2017 Annual Report, and presented at the annual conference.
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Report Content

Since its first comprehensive report in 2008 entitled Arab Environment: Future Challenges, the topics of the 8 AFED reports which followed covered in depth specific subjects of prime interest to the region. After 10 years, AFED report in 2017 will analyze changes which took place in different sectors over the last decade, taking findings of the 2008 report as baseline for comparison. Arab ministers and private sector leaders are contributing to the report with signed commentaries on national strategies, corporate perceptions and environmental practices, to describe changes over the past 10 years.

A central contribution of the report would be to identify the role which can be played by each stakeholder to achieve a better upcoming decade. Private sector, public sector, academic institutions, research and development, financial institutions, civil society, and media are all involved in this mission. AFED reports on the state of Arab environment have become main source of reliable information, and prime driver for policy reforms in many Arab countries. This falls in line with the stated AFED mission “To advance prudent environmental policies and action in the Arab countries based on science and awareness.”




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  Corporate and industry leaders
  Government organizations with responsi bility for the environment, development, resource management, planning, economy and finance
  Environment experts
  Financial institutions
  Academic and research institutions
  NGOs dealing with environment and development
  Collect and disseminate first hand sectoral and cross-sectoral data on the Arab environment in the last decade
  Identify barriers to sustainable development in Arab countries
  Recommend actions and policy measures required to bridge the current gaps in the current government policies
  Raise public awareness and trigger informed policy debate about the importance of environment accounts as a strategic step towards shifting to green economy
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