Executive Summary

Chapter 1
Human Development and Patterns of Production and Consumption
Ibrahim Abdel Gelil

Chapter 2
Integrating Environment in Development Planning
Mostafa Kamal Tolba

Chapter 3
Manal El-Batran

Chapter 4
Air Quality
Farid Chaaban

Chapter 5
Water Resources
Musa Nimah

Chapter 6
Marine Environment
Mahmoud Khamis El Sayyed

Chapter 7
Aridity, Drought and Desertification
Mohamed Kassas

Chapter 8
Waste Management
Nefisa Abou-Elseoud

Chapter 9
Impact of Climate Change on Arab Countries
Mahmoud Medany

Chapter 10
Pesticides, Fertilizers and Food Safety
Isam Bashour

Chapter 11
Biosafety of Biotechnology Products
Osama El-Tayeb

Chapter 12
Environmental Impact of Wars and Conflicts
Hassan Partow

Chapter 13
Environmental Legislation
Mohamed Abdulaziz El-Gundy

Chapter 14
The Environment in Arab Media
Najib Saab

Chapter 15
Environmental Education
Riyad Hamzah

Chapter 16
Environmental Scientific Research
Ahmad Gaber

Chapter 17
Financing of Environment Programmes: Private-Public Partnership
Hussein Abaza

Chapter 18
Response to International and Regional Agreements
Ibrahim Abdel Gelil


Acronyms and Abbreviations